Shift the Paradigm to Your Team

“People will forget what you say and people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you make them feel.” – Maya Angelou

I invite you to shift your focus from yourself as the leader to the members of your team. What is leadership to you? 

In leadership courses I took in college, I learned leadership is about how the leader behaves and what she/he does. That is only partially true and effective. In my experience, the most effective leadership is about inspiring others. It involves highlighting and nurturing the skills within the team. Acknowledgment and appreciation builds trust and trust is essential to growth. 

Usually organizations only showcase the leader’s own skills or accomplishments. That’s one sided and it invites division. Shifting the paradigm to the team elevates the team members’ unique contributions and invites collaboration. 

Everyone has unique contributions to make. By recognizing and cultivating these skills and contributions, leaders can empower the full potential of their team, leading to creativity, innovation and success within their organization. 

By cultivating a culture of gratitude, respect, and empowerment, we can inspire our teams to rise to the occasion and exceed the expectations. 

I invite you to enhance your team’s performance by cultivating your team’s culture paradigm as you will help to contribute to a more positive interconnected community. This requires emotional intelligence and managing your ego. More on that theme soon. 

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